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Bringing the heat

Spanish tapas doesn’t compromise on passion or flavour. Every dish at El Cerdo is crafted to be a unique experience that brings friends and family together. At the heart of what makes our dishes so memorable is our charcoal oven.

The ovens have been hand-picked by our Executive Chef and built using the same bricks and techniques as charcoal ovens have been throughout Spanish history. The fiery heart of our restaurants creates ‘ahumado’ (mouth-watering smokiness) for you to savour.

Traditional charcoal ovens like ours are incredibly versatile and efficient. Our Chefs can experiment with different types of charcoal and levels of smokiness in their quest to always bring you something new and exciting. Did you know that charcoal ovens typically cook food twice as quick compared to other grills and ovens?

What matters to us


Driven by our love of authentic Spanish flavours, we strive to bring passion to every dish and glass served in El Cerdo.


Only the finest ingredients will do for our classic regional dishes straight from the heart of Spain. If a dish doesn’t taste like it does in Spain, then we won’t serve it.


Tapas is for everybody, and everybody is welcome at El Cerdo. Join with like-minded people to enjoy the vibrant flavours of Spain.


Glimpse into Spain’s rich culture and explore all that this marvellous country has to offer through our diverse menu of traditional dishes and unique wines.

Our ‘Piggy’

Black Iberico pigs roam freely in the forest of southwest Spain and provide the inspiration for our name – El Cerdo means ‘the pig’ in English! Iberico pigs are renowned across the world for their delightful tenderness and distinctive flavour. Their diet of herbs, grasses and acorns creates an evocative flavour experience that can’t be found anywhere else. Our charcoal oven allows this unique flavour to become the star of your plate, and you’ll want to experience it again and again.

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Review: El Cerdo Tapas Bar, Bourne End


El Cerdo Tapas Bar is a small multi-award winning restaurant chain, with locations in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

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